My bio reads that “For more than 33 years Milan has worked to build a reputation based on integrity, insight and a responsiveness to the needs of an expansive and diverse client base.”

During this time, much of my efforts have been spent connecting my clients with the right people to meet an immediate need.

Whether going through a Merger & Acquisition, establishing a new business strategy or brand, selling a business, or dealing with the complexity of a change in the tax laws, bringing the right resources together to achieve the desired outcome has been the key part of my complete service offering.

If you think about it in football terms, I have quarterbacked many successful results in these as well as a variety of other scenarios.

Through Inner Orbis, I bring together the right people and resources to make your vision a reality!


Core Competencies


Business Planning

There is a world of difference between business planning and writing a business plan. Learn More »


Mergers & Acquisitions

According to a March 12th, 2012 Forbes article, half of all M&A deals fail. Learn More »



It will not come has a surprise to any business person that one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs usually face – especially when launching a new venture, is funding. Learn More »



When you think of the word audit, it likely doesn’t conjure up a positive image. Learn More »

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