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Initial Consultation

When we take you on as one of our clients, we welcome you into the very same circle of commitment that has defined our relationships both professionally as well as personally.

The first step in accessing the invaluable knowledge and expertise of our “Inner Circle” of industry leading experts, is a preliminary 90 minute consultation.

During this critical stage of the consulting process, we will review your specific objectives so that we can best align the available resources to ensure that you will achieve your desired outcome within the required time period.

Beyond simply matching you with a professional designation, we actually bring the right players to the table based on the following:

  1. a personality assessment
  2. past project success
  3. strategic fit capability

This is a key differentiator of our service offering, in that it eliminates the Rolodex effect. In short, and through this initial consultation, we will bring you more than names . . . we will bring you results by matching you with the right people.

Fee for Initial Consultation: $5,000

Beyond The Initial Consultation

Once we have determined where you want to go, and identify who you need in your inner circle to get there, you have two options.

Option 1 – Ongoing Engagement

By selecting the ongoing engagement option, we will become your personal point person.

This means that we will both facilitate and attend all meetings, serve as your personal confidante and advisor, and take the lead in terms of effectively managing all resources towards achieving the outcome you expect, when you expect it.

Retainer $2,500 + HST and fee is $400 +HST hourly for planning.  TK Insurance Audit flat fee $1,000 + HST.

Option 2 – Direct Relationship Management

In those instances when our clients want to assume the responsibilities for managing the new expert relationships directly, this second option is ideal.

While there are no fees beyond the initial consultation, we are available as a sounding board resource to ensure that the people with whom we have connected you are delivering to your expectations.

Our Inner Circle Guarantee

If for any reason a relationship that we have facilitated is not working out we will, without any additional fees, ensure that we connect you with a new expert resource.

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