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“Values – real values – must flow in more than a single direction”

When you initially landed on the Inner Orbis home page, you discovered that my main purpose or mission is to bring together the right people and resources to make your vision a reality!

It is fairly straight forward.

However, what makes this mission possible – and the realization of your goals a reality, are the underlying values that define both myself and the Inner Orbis organization as a whole.

As you read about how I have worked hard to build a reputation based on integrity, insight and a responsiveness to the needs of an expansive and diverse client base, this represents much more than simple words or an honorable sentiment. For me it is a way of life, and the only way to do business. In short, these words are a reflection of both the values and value that I bring to every relationship . . . including to those individuals with whom I connect you.

You see, values – real values – must flow in more than a single direction.

While I will most certainly strive to satisfy your requirements, I must also apply the same principles of respect to those I bring into your circle of interest and needs. With an Inner Orbis facilitated and managed relationship, everyone wins.

This is what makes Inner Orbis both unique and effective.


I truly appreciate Milan’s guidance and support on establishing a program to protect my future.  As a small business owner, I don’t usually take the time to think of myself and my future.  I am always preoccupied by the affairs of the company.  Milan’s persistence in ensuring that I also take care of my personal future was very appreciated.  He is an expert in his field and takes great care of his clients.




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