What The Ottawa Senators Can Teach Us About Success

At the time of posting this article, the series between the Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins is knotted at one game apiece.

Regardless of whether the Senators defeat the Penguins and go on to eventually hoist the Cup, one thing is sure; in exceeding everyone’s expectations this season will be considered a success.

So how did they get this far when many didn’t even expect them to make the playoffs.

Here are the keys to their success:

1. Knowing What Is Important

Throughout the season the team encountered countless obstacles both off as well as on the ice.

Goaltender Craig Anderson missed a good part of the season to be with his wife during her treatment for Cancer. Besides reminding us that even though our careers or businesses are important, there are things beyond ourselves that when encountered shakes life into perspective. It is through these experiences that we gain the needed balance that creates a mental calmness or peace of mind that enables us to better deal with future challenges. Anderson’s play throughout the playoffs, especially in critical games speaks to this truth.

2. Always Believing You CAN

We have all been amazed at how the Senators have been able to come back from behind to win critical games. Scoring two goals in the final few minutes of the second Rangers game, to ultimately win it in double overtime is just one example in this incredible run.

Exemplifying the never-say-die, we can still win this game attitude is Clarke MacArthur.

Watching him score the overtime winner to clinch the Round One series with the Bruins, and assist on the decisive goals that lifted the Senators past the Rangers in six games, it is hard to believe that a January 20th, 2017 National Post article was suggesting that his career was likely over.

Even though he had his moments of doubt, MacArthur never stopped believing that he would one day return to the ice and continue living his dream of being a professional hockey player. Because of this, he sought and ultimately found the treatment that enabled him to play the game he loves.

3. Having Courage and Perseverance

Great leaders possess many qualities that make them well, great leaders.

To me, the most important are courage and perseverance.

Playing with various injuries – including hairline fractures in the heel of his foot, Senators captain Erik Karlsson is the epitome of courage and perseverance.

There is no doubt that the Senators would not be in the hunt for the Stanley Cup today without their leader and chief playmaker. But what Karlsson has brought to the game and team is more than just his ability. He has also demonstrated an iron will to play through the pain and to elevate his game despite the obstacles he is facing.

Your Road To Success

I don’t know what you may be facing today in your life.

Whatever it is, if you have the peace of mind of knowing what is really “important,” the indomitable spirit of “belief” that you will ultimately be successful, and an unwavering commitment to persevere, you too will enjoy the sweet taste of victory in whatever forum you are competing.